Digital Production

To better serve customers’ on–campus printing and copying needs, Printing Services offers digital production and offset production at its office.

The standard turnaround time for digital printing jobs depends on the size of the job; however, Printing Services can work with customers if a job has special time constraints.

  • Color Printing
    High resolution color copying and printing is available on a wide variety of stocks.
  • Coursepacks
    Coursepacks can be produced in a timely manner on Printing Service’s high-speed printers. Printing Services can also assist in planning, designing, and manipulating your coursepack.
    Copyright clearances for these course materials can also be provided if necessary.
  • Posters
    Printing Services’ large format printer can print up to 40” wide and to whatever length is need.

High Speed Printing/Copying

Printing Services’ high speed printing/copying systems are capable of producing publications ranging in size from 8”x11” to 13”x19”. The printers can handle paper from 20-pound bond to 110-pound cover, including pre-cut tabs. They have multiple paper trays that can include different kinds of paper within the same document. They can also insert pages, allowing slip sheets, blanks, and pages with color to be added to any document. Online finishing capabilities include collating, stapling and hole punch. A variety of offline finishing options are also available.

Information to be printed/copied may be delivered to Printing Services via email, CD, or flash drive. A high resolution PDF file is the preferred file type. Hard copies are also accepted.

Once a job is completed, Printing Services provides pickup or delivery.

Types of Paper Available

In addition to standard white paper, Printing Services has a variety of colored paper available for selection.

Large Format Color Printing

Printing Services’ large format printer can print up to 40” wide and to whatever length is needed. This option is commonly used for producing posters. The standard turnaround time for posters is 24-36 hours, but may be longer if large quantities are needed.

Copyright Clearance

Faculty, staff, and students using copyrighted material are subject to the provisions of the United States Copyright Law. Printing Services reserves the right to refuse to accept a printing or copying order if it appears that fulfillment of the order would violate copyright law. Guidelines for interpreting the law are provided by the United States Copyright Office and are available from the Carol Newman Library.

To seek copyright clearance, include the following information in the order:

  • Name of publication
  • ISBN/ISSN number
  • Article
  • Publisher
  • Author
  • Page numbers and copyright year