Common Job Types

Virginia Tech Stationary

Virginia Tech business cards, letterhead, and envelopes are designed to follow the university’s style guidelines.

Business cards

Business cards are printing in color and are offered in quantities of 100, 250, 500, and 1,000. You can also request braille for the back side of business cards and request raised lettering for the front side of business cards.

Please note that mail codes are no longer allowed on business cards. Lockups can be used on business cards as well

To place an order, submit a HokieMart Printing Request and include your completed business card form found on our Order Forms page.


Printing Services requests approximately one week to print letterhead and these can be printed in black and three colors. Mail codes can be used on letterheads. Please email to get estimates. Lockups can be used on letterheads as well.


Envelopes also have a fixed format. For more information, refer to the Brand Toolkit. Mail codes can be used on envelopes. Only division and college lockups can be used on envelopes at this time.

Typical sizes are:

  • #10-often called letter size or business size
  • #9-fits inside a #10 (good for business reply mail)

Business Reply (Qualified Business Reply)

The United States Postal Service has allowed Virginia Tech to use permit #10 at a substantial saving for each return; however, the format is critical and must be adhered to strictly. Printing Services prefers to lay out the mailpiece. To ensure accurate layout, contact the Composition Department at 540-231-5803.

Please allow for a time delay when planning a business reply job, as the process requires multiple steps. Printing Services must fax the mailpiece to the United States Postal Service for tentative approval. After it is correct and printed, 10 copies must be sent to the United States Postal Service, where they will be run on optical character reader equipment. Upon successful completion, Virginia Tech is sent a letter of acceptance for that particular mailpiece. Only at that point are the returned pieces allowed the discounted rate. When the mailpieces are returned, they go to P.O. Box 850 in Blacksburg, where they are then assigned a price and are forwarded to the Controller's Office where the billing is done. Finally, they are returned as requested.

Quick copy/print

Visit the Digital Production section to find out more.