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Getting Started

Printing Services Magazine Example from 2019

Printing Services suggests that all customers speak to a customer service representative prior to submitting an order. Customers with more complex jobs (two or more colors, halftones, screens, special folds or binding) are invited to set up an appointment.

After discussing printing needs with a customer service representative, the next step is to process an Interdepartmental Printing Request through HokieMart. Walk-in business may pay with an Interdepartmental Printing Request, cash, or check payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech.

On the HokieMart Interdepartmental Printing Request:

  • Type all information
  • Avoid using ASAP for delivery date
  • Note if delivery location is different than contact
  • Indicate if proof(s) are required 
  • Have an authorized signature
  • Include department and account numbers

When entering a new job, please request a job number for identification purposes. This job number should be used when inquiring about the job’s status.

Art and Original Files

Original files to be printed or copied may be deliverede to Printing Services via email, CD, or flash drive. A high resolution Portable Document Format (PDF) file is the preferred file type. Hard copies are also accepted.


Estimates are projected prices given to customers upon request. For accurate estimates, please present the job (with a mockup or dummy) along with the following information:

  • Type of job (envelope, newsletter, etc.)
  • Quantity to be printed
  • Artwork/photos to be used
  • Electronic files and representative hard copy
  • Number of pages and finished size
  • Type of binding required
  • Paper stock and number of ink colors

A customer service representative is available to provide advice on decisions that can help a project stay within budget.

All jobs (simple and four-color publications alike) must be seen by a customer service representative before an accurate estimate can be given.

Additional Guidelines

University style regulations

The university diligently ensures the proper display of the logo on any and all university related literature such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc. University Relations provides Identity Standards and Style Guides for more details.

PDF workflow

Printing Services prints from high resolution Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Most standard software packages allow users to create a PDF from a file. Contact Printing Services if assistance is needed for creating a PDF.

Government regulations

Items produced by Printing Services must conform to certain government regulations. For example, university publications used for recruiting purposes or those reflecting policies of the university must carry an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action statement. Additionally, literature for seminars, lectures, etc. needs the Americans with Disabilities Act statement. The Office for Equity and Accessibility can provide additional information and resources.


Printing Services reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying or printing order if it appears that fulfillment of the order would violate copyright law. Guidelines for interpreting the law are provided by the Unites States Copyright Office.