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Virginia Tech Printing and Copying Procurement Policy

University policy states that all printing and copying work purchased with university/state funding be directed to University Printing Services. See the Purchasing Department's site to read the entire policy.

Printing Services may direct work to a commercial printer (under $2,000 in value) or coordinate with Purchasing to have the job competitively bid (over $2,000 in value). Upon completion of this bid process, the customer department will be notified of the bid price and delivery schedule.

If you have questions, please call Printing Services at 231-6701.

Entering a New Job

The first step in obtaining printing services is to process an Interdepartmental Printing Request or IPR (please consult your Customer Services Representative if you have any questions). All jobs, whether printed on or off-campus, need an approved (and signed) IPR. (Walk-in business may pay with an IPR, cash or check payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech.)

On the IPR please:

  • type all information
  • avoid using "ASAP" for delivery date (see Production Schedules below)
  • indicate if proof(s) are required (paper proof, blueline press proof)
  • have an authorized signature
  • include department and account numbers

We suggest that all customers speak to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to discuss instructions pertaining to printing specifications. Customers with more complex jobs (two or more colors, halftones, screens, special folds or binding) are invited to set up an appointment. When entering a new job, please request your job number for identification purposes. When inquiring about the current status of your job, please use this job number.

For more information, please call 231-6701.

For procedures on submitting jobs at our Copy Centers, please see our Copy Centers section.

Estimates and Pricing

Estimates are projected prices given to customers upon request. For accurate estimates, please present the job (with a mock-up or "dummy") along with the following information:

  • type of job (envelope, newsletter, etc.)
  • quantity to be printed
  • artwork/photos to be used
  • electronic files and representative hard copy
  • number of pages and finished size
  • type of binding required
  • paper stock and number of ink colors

A CSR is always available for advice on decisions that will help you to stay within budget.

All jobs (simple and four-color publications alike) must be seen by a CSR before an accurate estimatecan be given.

Production Schedules

After jobs are estimated, a CSR assigns a delivery date. If you wish, a CSR will gladly discuss the assignment of the delivery date with you. Please ask your CSR for clarification, if you have any questions. Also, let us know your expected dates and if they are absolute. The requested delivery date on the IPR should reflect these time requirements. We will do everything we can to accomodate your schedule.

Rush jobs should be discussed with your CSR in order to emphasize critical dates and to discuss the possibility of additional fees should overtime be necessary to produce the job.


When designing and planning the use of a printed piece, specifications such as size, number of pages, folds, columns of type and use of white space should be considered. The size will be limited if the piece is to be mailed. The number of pages should be in multiples of four if the piece is saddle-stitched or bound. The number of pages will be determined by the amount of copy and artwork used. Placement of folds and alignment of edges are dependent upon the design. Carefully consider the visual effects of typestyles.


Black ink is standard for easy-to-read text. Dark ink colors (black, blues and browns) are more effective in reproducing halftones (screened photos), especially of people. Please indicate all color choices according to PMS numbers (Pantone Matching System). Four-color jobs are printed using the four process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Ink is greatly affected by the paper stock-colors look brighter when printed on coated rather than uncoated papers. Paper color affects ink color; paper texture affects ink coverage.


Coated stock has a thin coating of clay and other materials on base paper which allows for fine, clear details, especially in halftones. Coated stock comes in matte, dull, satin, and gloss finishes, in white and cream colors and is somewhat more expensive than uncoated paper. It is available in various cover and text weights. Uncoated stock is available in a variety of colors and textures and in different cover and text weights. Printing Services has established a standard paper inventory. All papers are bid and the lowest priced stock is accepted even if the color does not perfectly match existing inventory. However, you may choose any paper stock you wish, which may cause a slightly higher cost because of spot market buying.


Determining order quantity can be a challenging task. Often, there may be more requests for a printed piece than you anticipated. Please consider the order quantity carefully, as small quantity reprints are expensive. In such situations, please consult with your CSR about possible alternatives.


You can receive completed jobs by coming to Printing Services (1425 South Main Street) or they can be delivered directly to most areas on campus. A week or so following delivery of your job, your original materials (photos, artwork, disks etc.) will be returned to you by your CSR. Please type the delivery information on the IPR. Upon delivery you will be asked to sign a delivery slip.

HINT: When you receive the finished job - save the delivery slip. Then the next time you need the same job printed, the job number(s) and delivery date will be available. If you include that information on the IPR, lookup of your job will be much faster.

Types of Payment Accepted

Billing of a Job

Jobs submitted through HokieMart on either an Interdepartmental Printing Request (IPR) or Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) will be assigned a purchase order number. Charges applicable to this purchase order will be posted directly to the department's Banner fund after the service is provided. The postings will occur periodically throughout the month. All of the purchase order information will be included in the Banner postings.

The billing to departments using non-Banner funds and other jobs entered by student organizations, individuals, or using special funds may be billed through Accounts Receivable (these customers should give their Accounts Receivable number when entering the new job). These customers also receive a monthly statement.

The Copier Management Program launched their new billing system in July 2010. You can read more about their billing at the CMP site.

In addition to Interdepartmental Printing Requests, cash or checks (payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech) are acceptable at all our locations; additionally, credit cards are accepted at both of our Copy Centers and the Hokie Passport is accepted at Copy Center II. In the future, we hope to expand the ability of our customers to make payments by credit card.

In addition, small jobs such as business cards or color copies can be entered as cash sales. These customers must pay the full amount plus sales tax when the job is completed. Cash and checks payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech, are acceptable at all of our locations; additionally, credit cards are accepted at our Copy Centers and the Hokie Passport is accepted at Copy Center II. In the future, we hope to expand the ability of our customers to make payments by credit card.

Other Regulations

Questions often arise concerning the acceptable use of the Virginia Tech logo and other images associated with the University (i.e. letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.). University Relations produces the Identity Standards and Style Guide which provides guidance for acceptable use.

Items produced by Printing Services must conform to certain government regulations. For example, university publications used for recruiting purposes or those reflecting policies of the university must carry an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action statement. Additionally, literature for seminars, lectures, etc. needs the American's with Disabilities Act statement. See Office of Equal Opportunity for additional information.

Printing Services reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying or printing order if it appears that fulfillment of the order would violate copyright law. Guidelines for interpreting the law are provided by the U.S. Copyright Office and are available from the Newman Library.

Questions? Comments?

For questions or comments, please contact


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