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Copier Management Program


All Virginia Tech departments, including student groups, have the opportunity to participate in the university’s Copier Management Program. Departments that participate in the program receive high quality, convenient, cost–effective multifunctional device copiers. The copiers are managed by Ricoh, USA. Ricoh is a leading provider of digital office equipment with over 40 percent of all higher education institutions in the U.S. using their technology and/or services.


There are multiple benefits of joining the program, including cost savings, quality devices, and excellent service. The program is able to utilize the buying power of Virginia Tech in order to obtain a price lower than if you were to purchase your own machine. If you are considering purchasing your own copier for your office, please contact us, and we will give you a cost comparison before you buy. We offer a new billing model without confusing base charges and minimum impressions.


Ricoh guarantees support to any machine requiring service within four hours of receiving your service request. Certified technicians are on campus Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information about rates call 540–231–1622 or email

Quality devices

Members of the program receive new devices (not refurbished) that meet Virginia Tech’s IT standards for secure transmissions.


Toner, staples, maintenance, and service are all included in the cost. Automated monitoring of the devices allows for service issues to be proactively addressed as necessary. Monthly impression reads are automatically captured.

Lease plan and rates

Departments wishing to participate in the program will be asked to sign a lease for each device utilized. The plan lasts for 36 months and includes a monthly lease charge. The lease also includes all costs for toner, staples, service and maintenance. The lease plan does not include paper, which will need to be purchased by each department based on use.

Impression rates are additional per the below schedule of use. Note that there is no minimum impression charge per month; you are only charged for the impressions the device incurs.

  • 2.53 cents per black and white copy
  • 6.81 cents per color copy

Total impression counts per month may vary slightly depending on the device, the department’s needs and average usage.


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Copier Management Program

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